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Revision Rhinoplasty


Revision rhinoplasty is a procedure performed to correct the problems that occur after rhinoplasty. Revision rhinoplasty may be required for the inadequacy of the first rhinoplasty operation, undesirable changes in the shape of the nose or deformations in the nasal structure.

Revision rhinoplasty can be a more challenging procedure than the first operation. Treatment may also become more complex as structural problems become more prominent. Therefore, it is very important to plan and perform revision rhinoplasty surgeries appropriately.

Before the revision rhinoplasty operation, what kind of appearance the patient wants and what changes he aims for should be discussed in detail. Techniques and materials used in the previous operation should also be reviewed. In the light of all this information, the surgeon will determine the most appropriate treatment plan for the patient’s expectations.

Revision rhinoplasty surgery can be performed using different techniques and materials than the initial rhinoplasty. The selection of materials to be used in the operation and the correct determination of surgical techniques are of great importance in terms of preventing the patient from experiencing a new deformation.

Before the revision rhinoplasty operation, the patient’s health status should also be considered. Before the surgery, a detailed examination may be made and the patient may need to pass some tests. After the operation, detailed information should be given about the recovery process of the patient and the stages to be followed.

As a result, revision rhinoplasty operations are performed because the first operation was unsuccessful or because the patient’s expectations could not be met. Therefore, the experience of the surgery and the correct understanding of the patient’s expectations are of great importance for the success of the operation.

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