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Pediatric Dentistry

Çocuk Diş Hekimliği

Pediatric dentistry is a branch that especially aims to protect children’s oral and dental health. Pediatric dentistry helps little children to overcome their fear of dentists and have a healthy mouth structure.

Pediatric Dentistry is specialized in diagnosis of children’s health problems and prevents those problems. Thus, communicating with children is their specialization. A succesful pediatric dentist, should completely breaks the prejudice against dentistry.

Pediatric dentistry, plays a crucial role for preventing the cariosities. Children should be well-informed about brushing their teeth, using floss so they can support their oral and dental health. Besides that, pediatric dentistry applies procedures in order to protect primary teeth of children.

Some children may experience pain and sensivitity during teething. Pediatric dentists take precautions to support teething process without pain.

So that, pediatric dentistry specializes in informing children about their oral and dental health. Children are encouraged to overcome their dentistry fear with pediatric dentistry. They are experts who help them have a healthy mouth structure.

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