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Implant teeth is an artificial teeth root that is replaced by the lost teeth. Implant teeth are becoming more and more popular in dental treatment in case of loss of a tooth or tooth root.

Implant teeth work in a similar way to natural teeth and offer a long-lasting dental treatment option. With a quality implant dental treatment, people with tooth loss can completely change their lives.

The dental implant is made of titanium or a similar material. Placed between the gum and jawbone, it can be used similar to natural teeth for chewing, speaking and other daily activities.

Implant dental treatment is a two-stage process. First, the implant tooth must be placed in the jawbone. After the implant is placed, it is waited for several months for the implant tooth to integrate with the jawbone. In the second stage, a prosthesis or crown is placed on the implant.

The advantages of implant treatment are that while performing the same function as natural teeth, it is longer lasting and durable. In addition, implant treatment is less invasive than other dental treatments and protects the surrounding teeth.

However, implant treatment also has disadvantages. Implant treatment requires a proper jawbone structure and adequate oral hygiene. For this reason, your dentist should decide whether you are suitable for dental treatment.

As a result, implant treatment is one of the best options for replacing lost teeth. With implant treatment, a longer-lasting, natural dental treatment is offered for people with tooth loss problems.

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