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Dimple Aesthetics

Dimple aesthetics is an aesthetic procedure usually performed to create a natural hollow or dimple in the center of the upper lip. However, as with any aesthetic procedure, there may be many questions and inquiries about dimple aesthetics. Here are frequently asked questions about dimple aesthetics:

What is Dimple Aesthetics?

Dimple aesthetics is a surgical or non-surgical aesthetic procedure usually performed to create a natural dimple or hollow in the center of the upper lip.

How is Dimple Aesthetics Performed?

Dimple aesthetics can be performed with surgical or non-surgical methods. The surgical method involves making an incision in the skin below the lip. Non-surgical methods may include obtaining a dimple-like appearance by using fillers.

Is Dimple Aesthetics a Painful Procedure?

Surgical dimple aesthetics are usually performed under local anesthesia, so pain may be minimal. Non-surgical methods are usually less painful.

Is Dimple Aesthetics Permanent?

Surgical dimple aesthetics are usually permanent, because the surgically created dimple is usually permanent. Fillers used in non-surgical methods may be temporary and may need to be reapplied after a certain period of time.

Who is a Suitable Candidate for Dimple Aesthetics?

Suitable candidates for dimple aesthetics are generally individuals who are in good general health and want to achieve a certain aesthetic appearance. For methods that require surgical intervention, the person’s general health status and history are also taken into account.

What are the Risks of Dimple Aesthetics?

Surgical dimple aesthetics may involve risks, such as infection, pain, swelling. The risks may be lower with non-surgical methods, but allergic reactions or other problems with the filler may occur.

How to Care After Dimple Aesthetics?

A certain recovery period is usually required after surgical dimple aesthetics. Following the doctor’s recommendations, certain care steps should be followed to reduce swelling and reduce the risk of infection.

For more specific information about dimple aesthetics or questions specific to your personal situation, it is important to consult a plastic surgeon.

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