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Breast Lift

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Breast lift surgery is a very popular aesthetic operation. Breast tissue, which is naturally saggy, may fall over time for various reasons, and this can lead to both physical and psychological disorders. Breast lift surgery protects the shape and size of the breasts, prevents sagging and provides a more aesthetic appearance.

Breast lift operation is performed by the surgeon reshaping the patient’s breast tissue. In surgery, an area of excess breast tissue is usually removed and the nipple and surrounding tissues are repositioned. Thus, the breast tissue gets a tighter and upright appearance. In addition, breast augmentation is usually performed in breast lift surgery.

Before breast lift surgery, the surgeon evaluates the patient’s breast tissue and general health. The success of the operation and the healing process depend on the age of the patient, the structure of the breast tissue, post-operative care and personal factors. 

There are a few things to consider after breast lift surgery. These are:

  1. Acting in accordance with the healing process: After the operation, you should act as recommended by your specialist doctor. It’s also important to stay in isolation for at least a few days beforehand and get enough rest to reduce your fatigue.
  2. Removal of edema: After surgery, swelling and slight bruising may be normal. However, they can be significantly reduced with the application of ice as recommended by your specialist.
  3. Accelerating healing by protecting from sun rays: After breast lift surgery, you should take care to stay in the shade and use sunscreens to protect yourself from sun rays.
  4. Care of the sutures: The procedures to be done after the surgery will be the care of the sutures, especially the recovery stitches. When bathing or dressing, be careful not to damage the stitches and care as your specialist recommends.
  5. Following the control appointments: Attending the control appointments determined by your specialist doctor after breast lift surgery will allow you to closely follow your recovery process.

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